Was a little skeptical...but the set is quite beautiful.
Best first watch. Has minutes and seconds and hours. The velcro strap fits tiny wrists.
Great quality
Great for the money
These work. Great looking frames. Glass is poor quality. Came scuffed (packaging is very sloppy). But the marks arent in the middle of the glasses so Ill live.
They were just perfect
This is my favorite hoodie! So warm and soft
Top quality product, nice price,quick shipping. Recommend.
Good product for your needs.
Shirts are thinner than paper thin, right arms are 3/4 to 1 inch longer than left, error in stitching running down fronts, defect crayon marking ???.... looks like someone tried to lighten or remove. Sad affair when they are being sold at retail price. I am only keeping them because they will only be worn under my dress shirt. I will attach a picture later.
A lot of the necklaces fell apart and broke after one use.
so cute and they don't irritate my daughters ears
Love this product. The inside is very soft and keeps my glasses from being scratched.
My Son is 8 and we have bought him this watch twice because he lost it the 1st time and absolutely loves it. The features are fabulous for a young person learning to acquaint themselves with a schedule
And cozy for the toesies. I'm a grown man.
Comportable to wear ..i like it
Its says exactly what's in my heart
Im in love with these. Quick selfie with mine . Highly recommend !
Shrinks alot
Got this wallet to replace my old wallet. I wanted something slimmer since I was having pains in my leg from sitting on my wallet, I am using this as a front pocket wallet and love the slim profile of it.
nice and very lightweight
The material feels nice. The band and the face pieces feel sturdy and strong enough to not cause any issues. I find it hard to pish the cards out with folded cash under the band. Wish there qas a better way to carry cash with it.
I adore my new Nautica Striped wallet. It's very roomy and is real leather as well. A great deal on Amazon. A $49 wallet I got for $19.99. Fast Delivery too. Love it!!!
Too small for usage.
Fits as expected
These jeans fit as indicated. I was a bit concerned about the 'relaxed fit' part, as I was worried that they would be too loose and sloppy, but no, they fit quite well and were not loose at all. The cotton fabric makes them comfortable and breathable. Length-wise they're a bit long, but not enough to become an issue. The fabric is on the thinner side--probably better for warm weather. Overall, a nice pair of jeans that are comfortable and fit well.
Overall, i wear this hat every day to the gym now.

Pros - its light weight, flexible, has breathing holes in it, cool Under Armour logo on front, cool Under Armour Golf logo on side (shown in my the picture)

Cons (for some people, but i learned to like it)- i gave it 4/5 of stars (kind of tough to review a hat lol) but my only iffy concern on the hat is how far it comes down on your head. What i mean is, to fully put it on your head, it comes very far down such as the actually spot for your head in the hat is very deep. I could just "plop" it on my head but then it wouldnt feel or probably look like its on my head completely. To get the "on" feeling i have to pull it down pretty far and its almost covering my eyes. Honestly, ive learned to learn to actually like it because i like to pull the hat far down to cover my eyes so i dont make awkward eye contact with people at the gym!!! lol

I do recommend this product and it is a great, stylish, lightweight gym and golf hat!

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The flip up feature is very convenient. The tinting level is just right. Construction is pretty rugged. All-in-all, a good value.
I was debating whether or not to purchase this purse after reading some of the negative reviews. I'm glad I decided to try it out, because I really do like it. The zippers work just fine, and there wasn't a unpleasant smell inside the purse. It also came with two free gifts. A medium size thin tote and a Chinese lucky knot (it represents health, happiness and good luck).