What can I say, Underwear that is comfortable and washes well.
These didnt stay hidden when i wear my slip on vans but are comfy and have the non slip heel. So
I wear them with my high tops and shorts now.
Seems good so far ask me a year from now
This ring is absolutely amazing! So beautiful and sparkly. I look forward to many many years of enjoying it! Money well spent!
Love it love it love!!!!
Leather on both straps split, otherwise it would have been a great bag.
Nice looking underware - comfortable. Only negative is the elastic waste band gets inverted occasionally and has to be straightened. Not a large enough problem to not order again.
This chain is exactly what I was looking for. It's gorgeous! I'm super happy.
Fits great. Color is great. Delivered on time.
Ordered for my fianc. He said theyre perfect for protecting his face at work. He works on construction sites and is always in the sun/heat/wind ect. They are holding up to daily wear well and no complaints so far!
This stuff we ordered was supposed to be for my son birthday and they didnt fit right to tight and her wears a large an everything but now we had to send them back and get an xlarge
My nine year old daughter loves them. I got her size Large
Just got this and it is gorgeous! Colors are bright and full color coverage of the patches. Very sturdy.

It has a purse feel to it, rather than a tote. The neck of the purse actually narrows at the handles, so it's not a straight up opening. You can see it if you look at where the 'squares' end at the top edge. It's not a problem, but just so you know.

The handles are ridgid, not floppy and won't tuck into the bag - again, just so you know. The shoulder strap extends enough that you can use a cross body feature and not have the handles up your elbows. Metal pieces are finished and feel of good quality.

There is a slight smell - but it's leather and should disapate. Very pleased with the quality. Would by from this vendor again.
Well made, packaged nicely, good price. No complaints.
As expected
Feel so good when wearing.
It fits great and is a great value. However, it was thinner than I expected. Perfect for mild to moderate cold weather.
These fit well enough, but after prolonged used caused headaches, which removing them seemed to cure.
Fits easily and securely on my sunglasses. Has a tightening string on the back, which is easily adjustable. Great purchase for a great price!
Personal use
Good material, waterproof for the most part... a little hard to get into but thats keeps the contents secure. My friends liked it as well.
Ok XL is to big and Large is to small. I don't get it
Nice thick shirt! My favorite shirts by far!
I have size 13 foot fit was perfect do tend to slide down but not a reason not to buy great price.
Excelente producto
If youre looking for thin, compression type biking socks, these will work great. I wear size 11 shoes and very wide and these can be very very tight.
I've come to love stainless steel. It's pretty, stronger, so it lasts longer, and much less expensive than sterling silver.
I like the magnetic money holder versus the metal clip types. However, it is really hard to get the credit cards out. I was hoping it would stretch and become easier, but not yet.
I measured using the provided chart and these fit over my glasses like they were made just for my pair. LOVE it! I got these mainly for driving in the car during times when the sun blinds me. That said, I would not call them high-fashion- and yes, you can tell that there are glasses on underneath. That said, for the price, the quality is awesome, and it really helps me drive safely. Drove without them today for the first time in a week and boy did I miss them!

The strange part though is what it does to screens. I think it has to do with two lenses being in front of your eyes, each a different color- stuff on screens turns into a weird 3-D/blur! Personally, this is fine for driving, but if you drive an Uber or something where you need to check your GPS screen a lot, it may not be the best solution. That said, if you have a phone addiction you are looking to break, these could be your best friend!